Business Management

Entrepreneurs and investors around the world look for new opportunities in the global economic arena to diversify risk and find new niches. Sri Lanka as an emerging economy has shown a considerable expansion in its economy during the past years. After a 30 year civil war, Sri Lanka is now marching towards a rapid economic development with infrastructure improvement in the war hit provinces and overall economic expansion, promotion and facilitation in general. The country is in search of foreign direct investments to expand the national economy rapidly, as the existing capital structure proves inadequate to meet such a huge expansion.

The return from the economies which are in rapid recovery and expansion tends to be comparatively higher than well-established economies. Further, the opportunities, alternatives and niches are diverse in an emerging economy compared to a fully developed economy. There will be lack of trend setters in such an emerging economy and the competition exerted initially will be limited to a number of traditional / conventional venturing. So, entrepreneurs with innovative business approaches and strategic thinking will succeed in the emerging Sri Lankan Economy.

We, SPEED IT NET are Investment Promotions and business facilitation consultants with a team of experienced associates and business partners, and a network of global partners who provide us with vital connections both locally and internationally.

A trusted, reputed reliable and influential entity, we have the vital means necessary to reduce red tape and bureaucracy to a minimum and ensure smooth progress at every stage. In the post war era of peace and the present surge of overall development riding across Sri Lanka, we bring a unique offering as a one-stop, investment promotions and business matchmaking venture, providing you with a total solution that will encompass every aspect of your requirement.

So you don’t need to search for individual services or face the hassles of administration. We not only provide consultancy services, share expertise and facilitation, but become your active partner in every step of the way to ensure that all the requisite procedures are handled smoothly and efficiently and the end result meets your wishes to full satisfaction from the start to the very end on the project.

We Offer ……

Management & Business Advice Services

Project Feasibility Studies and Market Research.
Project Evaluation and Monitoring.
Corporate Planning.
Designing Cost Accounting Systems.
Inventory Management.
Designing Procedural Manuals.
Systems Studies and internal Control Evaluation.
Organizational Development Studies, Company Re- Structuring and Manpower Planning.
Evaluating Existing Computer Systems and reporting thereon.
Computer Systems Design, Software Development,
Implementation and Monitoring.
Productivity Improvement Studies, Quality Improvement Studies and Work Methods Studies.
Accounting Assignments / Implementation of Accounting Systems.
Monitoring / managing activities of the Finance Division of Companies and reporting to Foreign Principals.
Investment Counseling and International Business Advisory Market Salary Surveys, Structuring Salary Scales, Job Rating and Recommending Salary and Perquisites.