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Update WordPress Version

Recently We faced malware thread on our one of the wordpress site.Then we updated latest version and removed malware codings from Template header and following files. Then removed write permission from www directory.  After all We informed to Google to remove from Black list .Clients are requested to keep CMS version up to date.

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Mapping Your Domain Name to Work with Blogger

You can establish a more professional identity for your Blogger® blog by configuring it to point to one of the domain names you registered through us. Instead of entering your Blogger URL to view your latest blog post, visitors enter your domain name's URL. For example, by mapping your yourname.blogspot.com blog to your www.yourname.com domain name, visitors focus solely on your domain name. To point your Blogger blog to your domain name, you set up domain name mapping, which configures your blog settings and domain name. You update your settings in your Blogger account and our Domain Manager: Park the...

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